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Anthony believes the only way the team can be successful is if Russ plays his natural game and has urged the superstar to allow himself and PG to adapt to him and follow his lead.”We came here for you,” Anthony said he told Westbrook. “We came here because we believe in what you can do and what you bring to the game, and we don’t want you to stop doing that. We want you to be that player, we want you to be that person, and we’ll fit in. We’ll do a great job of fitting in around him,” Anthony said of Westbrook. “I think he’s taken that advice, and as you see the last couple games, he’s been playing like the Russ that you guys are used to.”







・11/1㈬ 9:00~ VS Bucks

・11/4㈯ 10:30~ VS Celtics

・11/6㈪ 11:00~ VS Trail Blazers

・11/8㈬ 12:00~ VS Kings

・11/10㈮ 12:30~ VS Nuggets


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